February 18th 9am- 6pm

Hunger is a pervasive problem in the North Texas community. According to Feeding America more than 800,000 people across the DFW area are food insecure, that’s 1 in 6 people. One in every four kids in North Texas is food insecure – almost 300,000 children. Food insecure children are sick more often and are more likely to suffer developmental delays. At iCode McKinney we are partnering with the McKinney Gifted and Talented Alliance and the Community Food Pantry of McKinney to challenge the students in our community to come up with technological solutions to this problem. Students are invited to participate in a 1 day mini hackathon you can come with a team of up to 3 or register solo and be added to a team the day of the event. No coding experience is needed to register for the event each team will have time to work on their project and prepare a 5- 7 min presentation for the judges. 

Grade Level

5th- 8th Grade Middle school Competition 

9th-12th Grade High School Competition 


Give cusPrizes: 

5th- 8th grade (1 per person on team) Free Full Belt Class at iCode McKinney

9th-12th (1 per person on team) Internship or 1 free week of summer camptomers a reason to do business with you.